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Clarity Tech Lab has developed a revolutionary service that enables high-quality tissue clarification in just a few days.

Who We Are




Welcome to Clarity Tech Lab, the first clarification company. We clarify brain tissue samples in just five days so researchers and scientists can get back to their important work in no time at all. 


Current clarification methods can take more than a month to clarify tissue samples. With our proprietary technology, we’ve reduced this time frame to a few days with the aim of pushing research forward, faster.


Our Users


Made in North America

All of our laboratories and research personnel are in Canada and the United States.

Our Services

Send Your Sample



Request a shipping label from our website.


Prepare your sample for shipment and attach the label.


Request a pickup and send us the sample.

We prepare the sample for clarification.


We clarify the sample over five days.


We post updates online so you can monitor your sample’s progress.

Once clarification is completed, we review your sample to ensure it meets our quality and transparency standards.


We then prepare your sample for shipment and send it back to you.

Shipment tracking is available online.

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