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How do researchers and scientists study the mechanics of the brain? How do they come to an intimate understanding of this most complex organ in order to solve pressing medical problems? 


One way is by looking at and analyzing tissue samples under a microscope.


Unfortunately, this is no easy feat. The foundational structures of the brain, such as nucleic acids and our neural network, are surrounded by opaque substances, such as fats, through which light cannot penetrate. Think of a finished wall in a house. Just because you shine a light on it, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see the internal structure.


This is where tissue clarification comes in. With the help of our patented machine you can remove the fats from a tissue sample in order to render it transparent and ready for visualization. It is akin to removing the drywall in order to see inside the house. We are not destroying the structure of the house, rather we are simply letting the light in to allow for proper analysis and diagnosis.


It was Dr. Karl Deiserroth and Dr. Kwanghun Chung at the Stanford University School of Medicine who revolutionized neuroscience by developing this method of clarification, known as the CLARITY method, in 2013.

At Clarity Tech Lab we have built on this innovative foundation by developing a service that reduces tissue clarification time from a couple of months to a few days.


It is our hope that by speeding up the time it takes to clarify brain tissue, we will be assisting researchers and scientists in getting back to their important work studying the brain and understanding the mechanisms of disease.

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